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Active Adults
Adult Coloring Club                                         Adult Coloring Club
Adult Coloring & Coffee
Catholic Charities, DOJ                                     Catholic Charities, DOJ
Senior Craft
Wits Workout!
Crafts & Painting                                           Crafts & Painting
Patriotic Flag Paint Night
Informative Classes                                         Informative Classes
Athletico Exercise Hour
Athletico Fall Prevention & Balance
Fitness Classes                                             Fitness Classes
Spring Evening Boot Camp
Spring Kick It Out Evening Kickboxing
Spring Kick it Out Midday Kickboxing
Spring Midday Bootcamp
Summer Evening Boot Camp
Summer Kick It Out Evening Kickboxing
Summer Midday Bootcamp
Kid Kare                                                    Kid Kare
Monday 03/14
Monday 3/21
Monday 4/4
Thursday 3/17
Thursday 3/24
Tuesday 3/15
Tuesday 3/22
Wednesday 3/16
Wednesday 3/23
Yoga                                                        Yoga
Spring Yoga
City Pride - City Wide River Clean up!                      City Pride - City Wide River Clean up!
By Land
Shoreline (Must be 18+)
Family Programs
BINGO                                                       BINGO
BINGO in the Park
Family Bingo & Pizza Night!
Farmers Market                                              Farmers Market
August Farmers Market
July Farmers Market
June Farmers Market
Park Days!                                                  Park Days!
National Kite Flying Month
National Take a Walk in the Park Day
Will County Forest Preserve Programs                        Will County Forest Preserve Programs
Adult Eagle Hike
Kids Eagle Hike
Youth Athletics
Kids Club
Kids Club Breaks                                            Kids Club Breaks
Spring Break
Spring Break - Friday
Spring Break - Monday
Spring Break - Thursday
Spring Break - Tuesday
Spring Break - Wednesday
Spring Tumbling                                             Spring Tumbling
Tumbling with Tots
Winter Tumbling                                             Winter Tumbling
Saturday Advanced Tumbling
Saturday Beginner Toddler Tumbling
Saturday Parent & Tot Tumbling
Youth Programs
Easter Egg Hunt                                             Easter Egg Hunt
0-4 Year Olds
11-12 year olds
5-7 Year Olds
8-10 Year Olds
Kid Crafts
Art in the Park                                             Art in the Park
Earth Day - April
June - Father's Day
Paint Class                                                 Paint Class
Mommy & Me