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Active / Senior Adults
Adult Coloring Club                                         Adult Coloring Club
Informative Classes                                         Informative Classes
Athletico Senior Stretch - May
Athletico Senior Stretch - September
Senior Lunch                                                Senior Lunch
Trips                                                       Trips
Workout Classes                                             Workout Classes
Pickleball @ Northcrest Park                                Pickleball @ Northcrest Park
Sand Volleyball @ Northcrest Park                           Sand Volleyball @ Northcrest Park
Summer Basketball @ Northcrest Park                         Summer Basketball @ Northcrest Park
Dance Classes
Belly Dancing                                               Belly Dancing
Belly Dancing August Session
Belly Dancing Drop In
Belly Dancing June Session
Belly Dancing May Session
Belly Dancing Spring Session 1
Line Dancing                                                Line Dancing
Beginner Spring 2024
Intermediate Line Dancing 2024
Line Dancing Drop In
Group Fitness                                               Group Fitness
Cardiobox - Spring
Cardiobox - Summer
Evening HIIT - Spring
Evening HIIT - Summer
Group Fitness Drop In
Group Fitness Punch Card
Mid-day HIIT - Spring
Mid-day HIIT - Summer
Spring Low Impact Chair
Summer Low Impact Chair
Yoga - Spring
Yoga - Summer
HIIT Yoga                                                   HIIT Yoga
Class 6.15.24
Class 6.29.24
Class 7.20.24
Class 8.10.24
Class 8.17.24
Holistic Wellness                                           Holistic Wellness
Sound Bath Meditation                                       Sound Bath Meditation
Indoor Class 6.19.24
Indoor Class 6.26.24
Indoor Class 7.22.24
Indoor Class 8.19.24
Outdoor Class 6.1.24
Outdoor Class 7.8.24
Outdoor Class 8.5.24
Family Programs
Bus Trips                                                   Bus Trips
Slammers Game!
Family fun games!                                           Family fun games!
Informative Classes                                         Informative Classes
Hunters Safety Course
Meet us in the Park!                                        Meet us in the Park!
Paint Classes                                               Paint Classes
Holiday Scene
Mommy & Me Day!
Patriotic Scene
Special Events 2024                                         Special Events 2024
Movies In the Park
Touch a Truck
Gift Certificates
Gift Certs                                                  Gift Certs
Christkindlmarket                                           Christkindlmarket
2024 Vendor
Farmers Market 2024                                         Farmers Market 2024
2024 Season Vendor
August 2024
July 2024
June 2024
September 2024
Youth Athletics
Dance & Tumbling
Ballet                                                      Ballet
3-4 yr olds Ballet - Summer 2024
5-9 yr olds Ballet - Spring 2024
5-9 yr olds Ballet - Summer 2024
Tap                                                         Tap
Tumbling                                                    Tumbling
3-4 year olds - Summer 2024
5-9 year olds - Summer 2024
Mommy (or Daddy!) & Me Fall 2024
Teen Basketball                                             Teen Basketball
Teen Cornhole                                               Teen Cornhole
July 11th
June 20th
Teen Sand Volleyball                                        Teen Sand Volleyball
Youth Programs
Adventures in Ability: Exploring New Horizons               Adventures in Ability: Exploring New Horizons
Adventures in Ability in the Park! 6/19
Adventures in Ability in the Park! 7/17
End of the Summer Sock Hop 8/2
Exploring the Garden Life Skills Program
Summer Olympics 8/9
Crafts/Activities                                           Crafts/Activities
Kids Club
209u School Breaks                                          209u School Breaks
Spring Break Camp 2023-2024
Winter Break 2023-2024
Daily Rate                                                  Daily Rate
After School Daily
Days Off School Year 2023/2024                              Days Off School Year 2023/2024
February 19th
March 4th
Spring Break Daily 2023-2024
Winter Break Daily 2023-2024
Summer Camp 2024                                            Summer Camp 2024
Daily Rate Summer Camp
Week 1: Kick Off Summer!
Week 2: Great Outdoors!
Week 3: Party in the USA!
Week 4: Water Wonders!
Week 5: Science Week!
Week 6: Shark Week!
Week 7: Sports Mania
Week 8: Summer Olympics!
Lil\' Adventurers                                            Lil' Adventurers
Drop In!
Spring 2024
Summer '24- Lil' Adventurers in the Park
Sporty Sprouts                                              Sporty Sprouts
Drop In!
Sporty Sprouts - Summer Session
Youth Events                                                Youth Events