Island Park District Core Values

Cornerstone of Community

Bringing family, friends, and the community together as a result of the local parks and recreation foundation in order to build up physically, mentally, and socially stronger citizens.

Everybody Always

Providing safe, accessible, representative, courteous, positive, and professional services and experiences through an agency culture committed to creating a welcoming environment for all.

Maximum Participation

Strengthening the community by realizing the full potential of WIPD programs, services, and amenities. To reach and involve the greatest number of people, regardless of age or ability.

Return on Investment

Being valued as a leader in everything we do despite limited financial resources. Offering high quality dividends in return for resident, user, and member investments in local parks and recreation.

Effective & Efficient Management

Advancing WIPD's mission through fiscal responsibility, effectively managing staff, engaging volunteers, and valuing resident and user's leisure time.

Staff Information

Executive Director of  Wilmington Park District
Kirsten Van Duyne

Phone: (815) 476-2729

Front Desk


Phone: 815-476-2729

Superintendant of Maintenance


Phone: 815-476-2729

Park Board Information

Patrick Nugent


Phone: 815.476.2729

Vice President
Katherine Francis  

Phone: 815-476-2729 Email:

Norm Weck


Phone: 815-476-2729

Mallory Vancura

Phone: 815-476-2729

Commissioner Amy Schmucker

Phone: 815-476-2729